GPT-Pilot – A junior developer by your side

I have already published this test in German yesterday, but I think it is worth a global posting in English: GPT-Pilot really is an amazing customized GPT tool for developers!

It works as an extension for Visual Studio Code (VS Code), is free and easy to install via the extension marketplace in VS Code and takes your description for a coding job and starts coding.

GPT Pilot Example and Result

I asked it to create a simple WordPress plugin, that adds a Pi-sign to the WordPress pages and shows a pop-up, when you click it.

That worked very well and I have put the source code on Github:

Very nice and helpful. You need an OpenAI API account with some money on it, but the costs for the whole project I did also record:

So, a real time-saver! You still need to know, how to program and how to handle the single files. But I would say AI has found its core use case: Software development is just getting so much faster!

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